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Red Bluff Adventure Session

I love the outdoors you guys. I love the mountains. I love to hike. I could do it every single day. And throw a photo session in with it?? Yeah I'm down. Unfortunately, because I live in Mississippi, I don't get to do much of that.

Adventure sessions were something I wasn't too familiar with until this year. When I found out that was an actual thing that photographers got to do, I was like wait what?! I wanna do that. Of course, we can't just say that and it happens. We have to build our portfolio up to show you guys what we like to do and what we're capable of.

So,I had to come up with something I could do here at home for now. We don't have many landscapes other than fields, but we do have a place called Red Bluff. It's basically our little Grand Canyon. It's really nothing more than a whole bunch of red dirt that looks pretty cool because of erosion, but it did the job I needed it to.

I grabbed my best friend and her boyfriend and we went out to do an adventure session one day. This was my first attempt with anything like this, but luckily these two were super patient with me and down with my crazy ideas.

We had so much fun climbing all over these massive sand dunes, and I'm sure me trying to keep balance with a camera in hand was pretty comical to watch! I can't wait to be able to do this again when it cools down, and hopefully be able to do more adventure sessions around the country.


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