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Let's talk family photos!

Family photos, along with portraits, are something that I have been capturing since I first picked up a camera back in 2013. I started off taking photos for family and friends, and always loved getting to capture little ones! I've been taking family photos for some of my clients for years. I get to watch their kids change and their families grow year after year, and it's such a joy to get to capture that.

We adults tend to freeze up in front of a camera, but I've found that a lot of kids love to have their picture taken, especially when they get to have fun or help out in some way. It's not always easy to capture little ones, and having patience, from both me AND mom and dad, is key. I love capturing candid moments more than anything, and I have found that this plays a huge role in getting kids to have fun and enjoy getting their picture taken. Having mom and dad swing them while you walk, letting them run towards me, or even having them help me take pictures of just mom and dad helps them to warm up to me and forget a little that they're here to take family pictures. 

Even though everyone seems to have the new iPhone that can take amazing photos, I still believe there is so much value in having professional family photos done. First of all, you (mom & dad) get to be included in the photos! It's important for you two to get photos done too, because you and your kiddos will want to look back on them one day. And secondly, it lifts some of the stress off of you. You have to plan your outfits, and then you can leave the rest up to me! 

I would love to chat with you more about getting to capture your precious family! You can fill out a contact form and we can set up a time to chat so I can give you more information and answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

*Family sessions start at $175.*

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