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Jamie & Jackson Engagement Session in Downtown Hattiesburg

I adore outdoor sessions in a rural setting; cuddled up somewhere under the trees or running around in a wide open field. That being said, it's also fun to change it up every once in a while and go for a more urban vibe. Jamie and Jackson decided they wanted to take their engagements in Downtown Hattiesburg, and I was totally up for it!

Hattiesburg has a great historic downtown, with some really neat walls for different backdrops.

We started in the park, because I just have to have a little bit of nature. Also, we’re actually having a gorgeous fall down south this year, and I had to take advantage of it!

When I shoot in a location like a downtown, I like to hop around a lot because there are so many great spots to take advantage of! After we snapped a few in a the park, we took to dancing in the street. Having my couples dance is honestly one of my favorite things to have them do together because they totally forget I’m even there and just have fun together.

After they danced a little, we drove down the street to the Bottling Company. This building is one of my favorites, inside and out! I hope I can shoot a wedding here one day, because it's gorgeous! There are some other industrial, weathered brick walls close by that I always love to shoot at too.

I love to photograph couples and have them really interact with each other during the session. I love hearing them tell me the story of when they first met and what they love most about each other. I love watching them make each other laugh and have a thumb wrestling contest. Taking beautiful photos for my clients is just one aspect of the session for me. The most important part though, is to make even more beautiful moments that they'll look back on long after the session is over.


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