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Intimate Weddings & Elopements in the Age of Coronavirus

The coronavirus has changed so many things in our world, and the wedding industry was no exception. So many couples had to cancel or postpone weddings that they've been planning for weeks/months/years. Some couples, instead of canceling or postponing so that they could have the wedding they planned, decided to elope instead. They decided they couldn't wait to commit themselves to the love of their life, which I think says so much about what eloping means.

Let me stop here and tell you what eloping means in case you think it's only for people who want to secretly runaway and tie the knot. NOPE. An elopement is an intimate and intentional union between a couple where the focus is solely on them. It doesn’t matter where it takes place, or who else is there; the only thing that matters is the couple who is saying, “I do.” Because elopements are centered on the couple, generally they have a small number of guests; like your closest family and/or friends; or they can be only you two, the officiant, and your photographer. I wanted this post to center around getting married during a pandemic, so you can read more about my idea of an elopement here.

I think that this pandemic caused many people to realize that at the end of the day, what matters is the person standing across from them and the words they share that bind them to each other. It's not about the sought after venue, or the number of guests who RSVPd. It's about intentionally and authentically committing yourself to your partner for life.

I know that these past several months have been hard on everyone, and it's nearly impossible to plan for anything because we have no idea what things will look like a month from now, but one thing that is for sure is that love is not cancelled. If you've had to cancel/postpone your wedding, or you're trying to figure out how you can still marry the love of our life amidst this pandemic, shoot me a message and let's chat. The possibilities are endless for what your wedding day can look like, and you can create any type of adventure you want. Click here to message me.


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