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First Look: Yes or No?

Having a first look between a bride and groom has become a popular new tradition to weddings over the last several years. It’s something that I always ask a new bride if she’s going to have, that way I know how to plan the order of the pictures out for the day. I’ve surprising had a fairly equal amount of couple have a first look, and not. There are pros to both, in my opinion, but whether you want to want to have a first look on your wedding day is completely up to you.

First Look: Yes

  • I’ve found that there are two major pros for having a first look, and one is that you can get a lot of the bridal photos done before the wedding ceremony. Since the bride and groom are seeing each other before they walk down the aisle, their pictures, along with the family portraits and bridal party photos, can all be done before the ceremony instead of waiting until after. Some couples like to get the photos out of the way so that they can go straight to the party after they say “I do!”

  • The other pro I’ve heard from couples is that it’s a more intimate and special moment that they can share together. Especially if you’re having a large wedding, you might not want the first time you see each other to be in front of all of your guests. Having a first look provides some privacy so that you can share this moment alone together.

First Look: No

  • I’ve found that couples who don’t want to have a first look want their wedding to be a little more “traditional.” We all know that it’s a long standing saying that it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, which is where this whole idea comes from. It’s important to some couples to keep that special tradition.

  • It makes seeing each other at the alter that more exciting! I don’t know about you, but when I’m at weddings, I love seeing the groom’s face the first time he sees his bride walking towards him down the aisle.

If you choose not to have a first look between the couple, you can still have one with someone else! Some brides choose to do first looks with their dad, brother, or bridesmaids; which is always fun too! (PS you can even do this is you and the groom have a first look- just for fun!) You can also have a first touch between the couple that way there is still some sort of connection before the ceremony, even if they don't want to see each other.

There are also other traditions you can do to make your day your own, first look or not. Writing letters to read to each other separately before the wedding is such a sweet moment for me to capture. I've had a few of my couples do this and it gets me every time. I've had both couples who had first looks, and couples who didn't incorporate this tradition.

No matter what you decide to do, or what traditions you decide to have, make sure that you make the day your own and do what matters the most to you!


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